Thank you for assisting us with our Peru trip, it certainly exceeded my expectations. Kuoda to your entire staff. Boris and Fausto were excellent as were Omar and our driver in Lima. Appreciated Jason checking in to be sure we were kept informed of who was doing what, where when and how. All were on time and ensured we were well taken care of. Very nice of Mery to personally visit with us at the airport for our return flight home.

Using a travel service and guides was a first for Kathleen and I as we usually do the planning and leg work on our own or in combination with co-travelers. Kuoda impressed us on every count and allowed us to relax leaving the details and transportation to your team. Really appreciate the timely communication, willingness to work with us on our itinerary and working in the accommodations we arranged on our own.

I would not hesitate recommending Kuoda to anyone interested in using travel services or guides in Peru.

Mucho Mahalo!


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