Peru was awesome! Yes indeed we are planning on returning – there is so much more to see, and the service from Kouda and your guides, drivers and hoteliers was outstanding.

It’s hard to say what the highlight of the trip was as everywhere we went was a unique experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the beach – it was very relaxing and just what we needed before the trail.

Cusco was great, I think next time we will spend a few more days here. The Quinua Hotel I think has to be our favourite – a fabulous apartment and the staff was very accommodating and friendly…. we didn’t want to leave.

Our guide on the Machu Picchu Trail – Santiago – was fantastic.

The Amazon Reserve was also fantastic. We enjoyed the night tour and the lake trip. The rooms were very relaxing and clean.

It was very nice to meet Mery, it was a nice way to end a great honeymoon.

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