Our trip was fantastic! We saw and experienced much more than we had expected, due entirely to your careful planning and our knowledgeable guides. Our hotels were all excellent, as were the restaurants where we were able to enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine.

You really do offer customized travel and unique and unforgettable travel experiences!! We’re already thinking about another trip to Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. We would be remiss if we did not tell you about our wonderful guides and drivers.

Katherina and Carlos were a great team; Katherina taught us a great deal about Peruvian culture and the everyday lives of the Peruvian people. We especially enjoyed our visit to the lady weavers in the Andean community. Our guide in Puno, David, treated us to a visit to a pre-Incan temple on Taquile Island and he performed a ritual passed down from his father.

Our host in Lima, Cesar, was extremely helpful in getting us in and out of the airport, driving us around town, and telling us about life in Lima. And it was comforting to know that Edson was tracking our travels during our visit. Thank you, again, for your hospitality.

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