The trip was so awesome. You had done a great job with my itinerary and I do want to thank you. THe guides, drivers, staff, Mr.Liu, YOU and Mery were great. The sights were spectacular esp. Machupicchu, Lalke TiTicaca. My most favorite city was Cusco -so beautiful, so much history and so friendly.

The one thing I certainly missed is the culture and the people. I was traveling alone and I certainly found out that the people in Miraflores are very nice. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS  Roberto, Anna and the Gonzales family. Not forgeting Mery. Mery you are the best.

Hope to see you all in a couple of years. Jole ,now I know why you felll in love with Peru.

Thank you so very much. Please tell Michel,Tedy, Martin,Edgar I said hi.



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