The kids arrived home in the middle of the night on Monday. Leah called around 10 a.m. the next morning to tell me of their wonderful time and how much you and your staff did to make the trip, not only memorable, but fun and exciting. She did not have a negative thing to say and she said that everything was just perfectly planned for them.

Leah has her photos on Facebook and my friends are telling me that they are fabulous pictures. I don’t belong to Facebook, so I haven’t seen them yet. Our family went out to dinner on Tuesday evening to our favorite Mexican restaurant…Don Jose’s. Eric and Leah shared a lot more about their time in Peru and their Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. They were so impressed with Raul. Eric and Leah said that their porters were dressed in nice attire with sturdy hiking boots. They said that it wasn’t the case with other groups and they felt sorry for groups with porters that only had sandals to walk that difficult terrain.

Both thought that the meals along the Inca Trail were delicious. Eric was wishing for the pancakes with the caramel sauce again. It was so neat that you incorporated so much culture and history into the tour and it was especially nice to meet the Peruvian people and see their villages and homes.

During their short time in Lima on the final day, they bought my granddaughter (their niece) a lovely handmade adoptable doll named “Chaska.”

Mery, we cannot thank you and your staff at Kuoda enough for making Leah and Eric’s trip to Peru an amazing experience.

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