We are both still glowing with the enjoyment of our trip with Kuoda…..it may have been the best of all of our many trips around the globe….the organization, guides and communication were all top flight…….

We did get to a Chifa restaurant for lunch one day in Cusco…..not too far from the hotel….it was just o.k….probably wouldn’t go back to another…..also went to Kintaro…a Japanese restaurant near the main plaza and enjoyed just having noodles for a change.

The surprise for us the the cooking class…..great day….lasted about 4 1/2 hours and totally enjoyable.

I guess if there was one thing that would work better it would be that last very, very long day until the midnight flight home…….maybe a later flight back to Lima and setting up in one of the nearby hotels for a few hours……we figured we traveled about 35 hours that last day until home…..

Overall…..the trip was fantastic….thank you for all of your good work.


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