We planned our 3 week South American holiday on our own and needed transportation to get from Lake Titicaca, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia and everywhere we looked at how to get from A to B proved to be a bit on the sketchy side…..or at least for us doing it on our own it did. Trip Advisor and Kuoda to the rescue!

Through many Trip Adivsor reviews (thank you to the community) we lucked into Kuoda Travel and contacted them to find out if they could get this job done for us as travelling over the border was not easy to do on our own. Celine was our contact person and agent from Kuoda who responded quickly and competently to all of our questions and concerns – over and over again! Although our itinerary with them was quite short (only 2 nights and 3 days) every single aspect of our tour was perfect. The guides, hotels and transportation they arranged couldn’t have been better and I would highly recommend them to help plan any part of your holiday.

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