I really do not know how to thank Mery and you for making our visit such a incredible and memorable one. As you know my friends depended on me alone to select a tour company and I am so glad to choose Kuoda. You all made a great difference for our trip.

After visiting Rio and Buenos Aires, all of us agreed that Peru is tops. We love your country, the friendly people and of course the great food. We had a grand time and enjoyed the great hotels you chose for us. The itinerary you planned for us was very enjoyable and Kuoda exceeded our expectation by miles.

Also our special thanks to Jimmy the guide for such an outstanding job. We have travelled the world and Kuoda is the best company we have ever experienced.

You have a great country and we were very surprised how nice Peru is. Certainly there are many highlights like Machu Picchu and beautiful Cusco but the most outstanding one was our visit to the Peruvian Orphanage. Most of us were in tears to see how beautiful and joyful the kids were in spite of their background. Some of us wanted to take the kids home. We love the hugs and the time we had there. We shared our box lunch with them and we cleared the mini bar in all hotels and Sanctuary Hotel in Machu Picchu of all the snacks and chocs (they were included in the room rate) for them. Jimmy the guide was nearly in tears as our Mr Tan made a touching speech and presented our donation to them. It was a real treat for us to know the other side of Peru other than just only the tourist sites. We spend about 3 hours there and cancelled the other 2 tours. It was worth it.

I am already telling my Malaysian friends how great Peru and Kuoda is. You can be sure you will get more business from this corner of the world.

Meantime you are authorized to use this e mail as a testimonial and give my email address to anybody who wants to contact me about your company.

My best warm regards.


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