Hi, Mery.

We’re all back in our respective homes and getting back to normal life.  Ev’s knee is all better.  It turned out to be a case of the gout, which runs in his family, but he never had a case before, except for a minor case in his toe, so he didn’t recognize it.  The doctor here gave him medication for it the day after we arrived home and it cleared right up.  So it wasn’t a Peruvian bug bite after all.  It would have happened wherever he was at the time.  Please let Michel know.  He was so helpful in Lima!

We’ve run into a number of people since we got home who have long wanted to visit Peru.  We have been recommending you highly, so perhaps they will all finally make the decision to visit.

Also please tell Michel that Ev’s walking stick made it all the way home!  He takes it on his daily walk with the dog and has attracted a lot of attention with it (which is why so many people have shared with us their desire to visit your country).

Below is a link to Ev’s pictures of the trip.  We miss it already!  Looking forward to visiting again someday.

Until then…

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