We had a great time in Peru and saw all the things that were important to us. Except for the first night (which Kuoda responded to very quickly and effectively) the hotel rooms were all very good. We particularly enjoyed staying with Art in Cusco (although he really does need to do something about the hot water for the showers).

All the guides where great – very knowledgeable and generous with their time. The visits to the less touristic things (lunch at Jeremy’s, the visit to the village that Kuoda sponsors, lunch on the island with the locals) were perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable. I think we learnt more about Peru and its culture and people from these visits than from anything. The food at Jeremy’s was outstanding.

We found the trip physically very demanding and Mardi suffered from altitude sickness. It would have been good if an Oxyshot cannister had been available for the bus trip from Cusco to Puno. This trip was a bit tedious with all the stops with street vendors everywhere.

Kuoda did a great job and we would certainly recommend them to people planning to see Peru.


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