We’re sorry we’re late in our response to you-still catching up with “stuff” to do at home and work.  Your company could not have done one more thing to add to our enjoyment of your beautiful Peru.  From the first minute with Mitchel to the last one with him at the airport we felt like we were in good hands.  Every single person connected with Kuoda was attentive, thoughtful and friendly.  We so enjoyed our great time with Teddy and Raoul.  We never felt rushed or that they were getting impatient with us.  Teddy was a wonderful history teacher and we never worried when Raoul was at the wheel.  It was so great to be able to say to them “could you please stop a minute so I can get a photo”.  You sure can’t do that on a big tour bus.

The woven bottle holder from those sweet ladies in Chinchero was a thoughtful touch.  Raoul kept us supplied with ice cold water for them and those cold washclothes were very welcome also.  It felt like we were traveling around with two buddies.

We were so impressed that you took time to try to connect with all of your clients.  That’s unusual for the head of a company to take such an active interest.  We thoroughly enjoyed  meeting you at breakfast.  It went by way too fast!

A successful company always starts from the top and Kuoda Tours is proof of that.  Your enthusiasm for what you do really shows through you and your employees.  Kuoda has a family attitude and a pride in what you do.  Our time in Peru was that more special because of it.

Mucho Gracias!

Your friends,

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