My coworker and I needed to travel throughout Peru on a professional sound recording trip. We had basic destinations in mind but no idea of how to connect with guides or where to stay once we arrived much less how to get to our next destination.

Kuoda took in our end goals for the trip, made recommendations on destinations and then planned the trip from there. There were a lot of details that needed to be worked out and Kuoda allowed us to plan it exactly how we wanted without getting bogged down in the logistics.

Our trip was very complex involving seven different destinations over two weeks with a set of very specific needs that we needed met in that time to consider the trip a success. Kuoda lined everything up perfectly. They met all our needs, provided guides that met us upon arrival and didn’t part ways until we were safely enroute to our next destination. and coordinated all of our domestic travel so that we were able to maximize our work time and minimize our travel time.

In addition to nailing down every last detail of our trip, they provided travel guides that were highly knowledgeable, completely professional, spoke perfect English and made sure that our goals were their goals.

Kuoda and their guides made sure that we were completely satisfied by the time we left Peru. A+++

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