All 22 days we spent in Peru, and especially the 10 days of hospitality your organization gave us, are among the most memorable experiences we have had in quite some time. We are grateful you took the time to come and greet us at the airport in Cusco and again at the Bus Terminal. Nothing could testify better to your dedication to your mission and your respect and care for your guests. And thank you for the gifts.

Urpi has been very patient, diligent, and efficient in organizing our tour. She took every detail of our request into account and met virtually all of them. She is a rare precious asset. She is also a great admirer, almost a devotee, of you and your mission. Charlotte was very helpful in covering for Urpi during her brief vacation.

We would like to thank all your staff and contractors we came in contact with. I will mention those whose names I recall.

Alex in Cusco and Cesar in Lima; Gilbert, guide at Posada Amazonas; Antonio, guide in Puno; Ysabela and Pocho, guide and driver respectively in Colca and Arequipa; and Eduardo and Raphael, guide and driver respectively in Ica and Paracas.

They all knew their trade very well and were very caring and courteous to us.

The last day of our trip did not go as planned. The trip to the Paracas Island and all water activities were cancelled due to unsafe weather. Eduardo did his best to fill up our morning by tours around town and a drive to the coastal reserve. Such force-majeure was not going to spoil our experience; it gave us the opportunity to relax around the pool and enjoy the hotel grounds.

Finally, I would like to congratulate you on your philanthropic activities. I and my wife have similar philanthropies that provide modest sums of money to economically disadvantaged but academically promising high-school children. Nothing is more rewarding that giving back.

Cheers and Love


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