I have spent my time going through our photos and videos of the trip.  I did my first Instagram posting yesterday and hope to post every other day on Bolivia for the next month.  I am still struggling on how to portray the trip.

It was a great trip that ran with mechanical precision while remaining flexible because of the pandemic.  Guides and drivers for perfect for each area.  Vehicles were up to standard.  Hotels exceeded our expectations.  It was a lovely touch to stay in two historic hotels in the Sucre area.  It added to our sense of being on an epic journey.

For us I think it was an epic journey. We were faced with a pandemic, unseasonably cold weather, dust storms and a road system that defies description.  We climbed from our home elevation of 4 meters to over 4500 meters.  We met with and enjoyed interactions with Bolivians from all demographic levels.  Throughout this journey Kuoda’s people guided and protected us.

Thanks for the trip…

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