We truly loved our trip and the Kuoda team was awesome all throughout. One highlight (which was unexpected) was the trip to the village to meet the women who make the yarn/fabrics from scratch using only things found in nature. It truly touched our entire family. The lunch was delicious at Tatiana’s house but we did not interact with anyone other than the waitstaff and Boris/the driver. It felt a bit more like going to a restaurant. A bit more guidance about what to pack would have been helpful. I went overboard and had a vest, down jacket, hat and gloves for everyone (I realize it’s hard to anticipate the weather). It was truly an amazing experience and the guides at each location (meeting us at the airport, accompanying us in towns were so helpful). I thought Bart was the strongest of our guides followed by Hugo at Inkaterra Amazonica. I honestly was not prepared for the extent of the heat/humidity and lack of AC but quickly adapted. I have already recommended Kuoda to several people who have seen our pictures on IG/FB. Thanks again for helping to make the trip so special.

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