It was a pleasure traveling with Kuoda as everything went very smoothly and we really appreciated having someone who knew the area help in the planning. We really can’t thank Thomas enough for all the work in helping us create the right itinerary for our needs. Juan was a great guide and knowledgeable about the area, He was very easy going and never pressured us to get moving even if we can take quite a few photos. Wilbur was an excellent driver, the biggest testament of this is that even though Jamie normally gets motion sick and even with all the rough and curvy roads she never even felt slightly ill.

For us I think there were many highlights. Certainly Machu Picchu was fantastic and was the center of the trip, but we also really liked seeing Moray, Maras, Tipon and Pikillacta. The last 2 were really good as they seemed removed from the typical tourist itinerary and were amazing to see in their own right. The hotels were all very nice, the food was delicious and the people were all nice to meet.

We will definitely recommend Kuoda to anyone we know that is thinking of going to Peru.

Have a great day and thank you again for the hospitality,

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