First, we would like to say the guides that Kuoda provided us were absolutely wonderful! Because of them, we can honestly say that our time in Peru was nothing short of spectacular. Everything was organized, efficient, and professional. We always felt like we were in good hands. Everyone appeared knowledgeable and passionate about the country.

I already expressed this to Mery when she greeted us in Cusco, but I wanted to give special attention to our guide Eduardo. I was impressed with his medical training regarding high altitudes and he made us feel at ease when we were not feeling 100%. His warm and enthusiastic personality made that portion of the trip a highlight for us. He should be commended because for us it was like traveling around with an old friend.

We did want to mention that we were impressed that all guides were always there (at the required time) to greet us and guide us to the next step. We would have been lost in trying to purchase tickets and board the Inka Express bus if it were not for our guide Henry in Puno.

A special thanks to Edson for calling in and checking on us on a few occasions when he found out that we were pretty sick. It was comforting to know that someone was looking out for us and if we needed additional medical attention, someone would have been there to provide guidance it if needed. I felt this was an instance in which Kuoda went above and beyond.

The highlight of the trip for us was actually Lake Titicaca and the Floating Islands. We enjoyed the tour, meeting a family, trying on their traditional clothing, and taking a ride on a reed boat around the lake. Seeing the morning sunrise over the lake was something that we will always remember. Thank you for also organizing the opportunity to visit the authentic village in the hight plain of chinchero, near Lake Piuray. It is these types of experiences that travelers get to witness the true authenticity of the place visited, giving us a very real look into the lives of the local people. We will always remember our time there, participating in a ceremony and dancing with the village women.

In conclusion, we truly enjoyed our trip to Peru. We have looked forward to visiting this beautiful country for some time, so a special thanks to Kuoda for all their help in making our trip to Peru, finally a reality!

We will definitely recommend your company to others.

Thank you!

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