Thank you for asking about the rest of our trip. Overall, we had a wonderful time and Kuoda was great. All of your people were on time, friendly and efficient! It was also very nice meeting Mery at the end of our trip. Our guides Vanessa and Alvin were knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating to my family’s needs. I like when there is some flexibility to the day. As far as the hotels that we stayed in….The Doubletree was okay and our least favorite. It was clean, but not the nicest area, but I guess it met our overnight needs. The Marrriott in Cusco was was very nice and a great location as far as finding restaurants nearby at night etc. The service at the hotel is not perfect yet. Hopefully they are still working out some inefficiencies in service.That was also our findings in the hotel in Paracas. The hotel and it’s grounds are just beautiful, the service for dinner at the hotel was slow and kind of bumbling and ill prepared for small crowds. The Sumaq Hotel, the hotel rooms really need updating (the bathrooms were fine) but the service and food was very good. If you needed something, it was done quickly. You do have to also be aware where the location of rooms are because the train goes right passed the hotel and you feel like the train was IN our hotel rooms when going by! We also thought The Aranwa Hotel was very unique, but unfortunately didn’t allow us too much time there because of our delay coming back from Machu Picchu. The only thing that we might have changed was maybe not staying overnight in Machu Picchu and gone back on the same day to avoid staying at another hotel.

If you need any recommendations as a travel company, please let me know. We are happy to give you a terrific rating. If you have any other questions about our travels, don’t hesitate to ask. It was nice meeting you and good luck in whatever you do in your future.

Take care,

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