Some of the best highlights:

  • Urabamba Valley: the logistical easy adjustment to the altitude, alpaca farm, scenic car drive, beautiful hotel, ancient pisac and pisac market.
  • Machu Picchu: early morning logistics were great, amazing views, and Jose Carlos was very insightful
  • Cusco: enjoyed the hotel, walking around the city and Pacha Papa restaurant
  • Lake Titicaca: hotel was good, trip to the Uros and Taquile Island was really fun

Another great component to the trip were both of our tour guides: Jose Carlos and Ivan. Both were very professional and made a nice connection between the history and culture with each of the local venues that we visited.

The combination of logistical know how (organized transportation and strategic planning), tour guide professionalism (local insight and careful guest attention), and accommodations made for a great trip, and I would recommend Kuoda to anyone making a trip to Peru with similar requirements.



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