I should start saying I have all possible restrictions to travel with travel agencies and tour operators. I truly enjoy planning trips by myself and coming to places exploring by my own. Sometimes a local day trip.
Here and there, very seldom I decide for a tour operator, and given the fact I was a bit unsure about moving from one location to the next in Peru, and all I read was not so clear, I decided to take a tour. But no groups or ready defined things. So I went ot TripAdvisor and searched for some of the higher ranked agents.

Among all offers I got, Kuoda´s called immediately my attention. Precise and open to my requests. At this moment their travel designer started contacts with me (always very prompt and clear answers), allowing me defining my needs, at the same time giving valuable suggestions based on their knowledge. And most important, never tried to push things I didn´t want. With that I decided to be by myself in Lima, and to book hotels also myself. Good recommendations but no inconvenient commercial push.

Valid to mention that Kuoda has not been the cheapest offer I got. But after having travelled with them, I could understand why, given the cars/vans, guides just for the 4 of us in the family, quality of restaurants where included and so on. If you want something more exclusive than big groups, higher level restaurants and professional guides, consider somehow higher prices, it worth.
Once we finished the travel definitions, payment and bureaucratic issues went very simple and smooth.

From the moment we arrived Peru till the last moment, Kuoda team has been present, guiding, supporting, being interested but never getting too much that we´d feel annoyed. Perfect balance.
Guides, drivers, operational support and management were all very, very good, service oriented and making us feeling home in Peru.
I´m here on purpose not mentioning any names, as I´m sure there were many other Kuoda team members that I didn´t know, but were behind the scenes making our trip unforgettable. So not to fall into trap of not mentioning important people, I prefer to thank all Kuoda family.
Wonderful trip, truly nice people.

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