Louis did a great job in Lima taking us to and from the hotel and the airport, please thank him for his good work.

We did visit Pantanos de Villa in Lima on the first Sunday.  It is a very good area for bird watching and the attached Black Vulture photo was taken there.  We saw about 40 Peruvian birds there that can only be seen in a costal marsh.  The Hotel Duo got us a cab to this location and the driver returned 4 hours later to take us back.

We had a very good trip in the jungle with most of the credit going to our guide, William.  He is a very wonderful and hardworking man knowledge and understanding of the natural history of the Amazon was amazing.  Many times each day he would spot birds, snakes, monkeys, and frogs that we would have missed if it had not been for his trained eyes and knowledge.  It was a great pleasure having him as a guide.  The location at Rio Heath was very nice and the staff was wonderful.  I enjoyed all the meals and the rooms were very nice and clean.  We went on several hikes and I enjoyed each, but by far the highlight was the clay lick.  There we saw 6 different parrot species and two different macaw species, with Red & Green Macaw putting on a great show.  I have only started going through my photos and have attached one for you.Lake Sandoval was fantastic also as we had a great time hiking the trails and paddling around the lake.

The return trip went without a glitch.  I will get in touch as soon as Patty and I can get an outline  of the trip.

Thanks for everything!

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