I found the communications with you to be excellent. You were quick to respond to comments and made useful suggestions for the itinerary planning. The detailed Itinerary provided as a guide for our trip was excellent. We liked the fact that it listed our hotels, flights, and detailed information on what we would see. I always felt like you were providing the personal attention that we were seeking when selecting Kuoda. As background, I had pursued quotations and discussions with three other companies before selecting Kuoda. You answered my questions directly and provided us with the confidence that we were in good hands.

We were impressed that at every stage of our travels from arrival to departure there was a handover between drivers/guides and left us with little doubt about what was going to happen. This was incredibly valuable as we never felt stressed during our travels. Having the boarding passes already printed when we arrived at the airports and train stations was terrific. No standing in line or having to navigate the local processes. This all went very smoothly.

We found all of the drivers to be very professional and safe. We also appreciated how they kept the inside of the tour buses clean. We did remark that one day we would get out at the end of the day and there was dirt and dust on the floor from our shoes. The next day it was clean. We also appreciated having the bottles of water available.

We want to let you know that Refugio Amazonas was a definite highlight of our trip. From meeting us in Puerto Maldonado to the trip to the lodge and back to the airport, the transitions were smooth and seamless. The accommodation at the lodge was better than expected and we loved every minute of it. Our tour guide “Paula” was excellent and we learned so much from her.

We really enjoyed the visit to the local community in Chinchero and the opportunity to buy products from the individuals that created them. This was very enlightening and one of the experiences we find ourselves telling others about now that we have returned.

We have been telling many family and friends about the great experience we had visiting Peru and how wonderful it was to travel with Kuoda tours. The four of us would overwhelmingly recommend Kuoda to anyone considering travel to Peru.

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