We first want to say how much we enjoyed our Cusco/Machu Picchu trip with you. Percy was a wonderful guide and Momberto was an excellent driver. Percy made the history of the Inca come alive for all of us.

Next, regarding our luggage situation, we had trouble getting our luggage from the Left Luggage desk in Lima airport because we had no claim ticket. I don’t think we ever would have been able to retrieve our bags because the man at the desk took his job very seriously, which we understand and respect, but he would not budge without a claim ticket, which nobody had. So we wish to thank Cesar for coming to the airport at night to take care of us and explain the situation, and do whatever magic he did to get the man to give us our luggage.

That was really above and beyond. Please tell Cesar how much we appreciate his efforts.

We have fond memories of our time in Peru, and for the most part it’s because of your fine guides and associates.

Rian and James

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