My husband and I chose to use a travel agency for our two week trip to Peru because we wanted to learn about the country and its people, not just “visit”. After making inquires of several local agencies, it was clear that Kuoda had the follow through that we knew indicated excellent customer service. They allowed us to combine independent travel with guided travel and tailored our trip around our desires.

We visited Lima, the Sacred Valley, did the 6 mile one day hike to Sun Gate/Machu Picchu, and stayed in the Amazon rain forest. Our guide in the Sacred Valley, Percy, soon became our friend and provided us with not only information of his beloved country and Quechua heritage, but shared what daily Peruvian life is like. Mery, the owner of Kuoda, and Lisa, our point of contact in Cusco, took such good care of us; and last but not least a big “shout out” to Jesus who made this all possible by being our trip planner! Gracias!

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