We cannot thank you enough for our amazing Peruvian explorations. Without exception, your staff are 7 star. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome and they were all so gracious with our never-ending questions. And do not worry, nothing spoiled our trip – every day was filled with more wow’s. Peru is amazing.

And there is just so much more to discover – 5000 years of civilizations cannot possibly be covered in a month or even a lifetime. We came away with many more questions than we started with; and only a very superficial understanding of only a few of the pre-inca civilizations. Perhaps someday, the remaining quipus will be interpreted and humankind will better understand how much was lost when that system of writing was destroyed. For now, one can only wonder about civilizations that obviously relied on geometry, science, and mathematics.

We will pass on our recommendations for Kuoda (already did so at the airports on return flights) – our experiences far exceeded our expectations. We felt very spoiled and privileged to have used you for our tour. As promised, Ed will be reviewing his photos in the next couple of weeks and will forward some.

Take care, and enjoy that wonderful clear, clean, Cuzco air and sunshine. Cheers,

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