You did an exceptional job planning our trip, and handling all the difficulties with our procrastination issues, itinerary changes and passport problems, (no trouble by the way).  Everything was exceptional; the hotels, the locations and the wonderful birthday lunch surprise in Lima at the Museum with Bart.  Bill was surprised and it made our day in Lima very special; Bart’s sense of humor matched ours perfectly, his professionalism was very evident and his care for our safety was greatly appreciated. Our guides Percy and Bart were both full of knowledge regarding Peru and even Bill; who studies everything, learned things from them!  As for our wonderful and kind driver Samuel, there are no words to express what an exceptional person he is.  Alex is amazing and all the staff went above and beyond to help us with everything we needed to give us an extraordinary and memorable trip. Their concern for our safety was an added feature that created a feeling of safety for us that helped us feel comfortable exploring wherever we were.

Percy and Samuel, as well as being great guides/drivers are also great chefs. They provided us with an excellent lunch by a beautiful lake.  We loved meeting the beautiful ladies at the co-op and bought many beautiful items; could have bought more but not enough room in luggage, so sad…  Anyway, we would love to learn more about it and give an additional donation to help the ladies and children during the upcoming holidays.  Candace got some great pictures with the ladies.  We were able to meet your lovely Founder and President Mery Calderon.  Her heart and soul are evident in the people she brings into her company and she genuinely seems to care about the people who use her company.  She is so lovely, gracious and generous.  She gave us each a beautiful gift, which was completely unexpected. I will be communicating with her also to express our gratitude.

Candace, Bill and I will never forget our exceptional experience in Peru. We fell in love with the Peruvian people; they are a kind, hardworking, and friendly people with a quiet grace and beauty.  We will certainly recommend your company to all our colleagues and personal friends.  I am sure that Bill and I will return to Peru in the future, we fell in love with the Sacred Valley and of course we will use your company again.

Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for everyone’s hard work in giving us an extraordinary and memorable vacation.  We will carry our memories of our time in Peru in our hearts forever.

Please pass on our gratitude to everyone at Kuoda Travel, there are too many people to name, but the attention to detail by everyone that we met at Kuoda Travel will never be forgotten by us.

Blessings to all,

Bill and Geri Jones

Hopefully we will meet on our next trip

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