I literally only have good things to say about Kuoda. My family travels every Christmas, and booking our Peru trip through Kuoda created the most seamless traveling experience that we’ve ever had. Even my mom had no regrets by the end of our 10-day experience, and that’s saying something!

My parents worked with Kuoda to tailor our trip to our personal needs. We are a very outdoorsy family and greatly enjoy hiking and other activities on the physical side of things, so Kuoda agents readily picked out the best types of attractions that fit this profile, giving us many options and locations to choose from, but always certified by their very high standards. All my parents really knew was that they wanted to see Machu Picchu, but Kuoda developed an entire week+ itinerary for us filled with incredible attractions that we probably never could have found out about on our own. It was so nice to have such painstakingly thought-out and well-researched options presented to us – I know that it gave my family, and especially my parents and youngest brother, a huge confidence boost to know that we would be well-scheduled because they had never experienced a trip outside of a traditionally “Western” environment before, and are sometimes more reserved when we travel.

Also, you really should look no further for the most top-notch, professional, and reliable service possible for a trip to Peru. Every single Kuoda staff member that we interacted with was more helpful than the last. We never for a second felt left to fend for ourselves about anything. All of our needs were immediately accommodated – for example, my mom is a vegan for health reasons, and our guides/drivers ensured that we would only eat at restaurants where she could find food (which you should also know was always AMAZINGLY delicious – the Kuoda staff really knows how to pick a good restaurant, and Peruvian food has a great reputation for being very tasty in general) – and if we ran into any snags, they were almost immediately resolved. For example, one of my brother’s suitcases went missing after my family’s Latam flight, and there were multiple Kuoda staff members who were on the case recovering it in just seconds after we notified them.

In short, everyone we worked with was just so good at what they did. The owner of the company even paid us a personal visit in Cuzco on one of the last days of our trip to ask us how we had enjoyed the experience, and she brought us gifts to see us off! I’ve never encountered that type of kindness/hospitality on a trip before. I know that my parents are definitely thinking about working with them again next time they travel south, and although I’ve lived in Ecuador on my own before, next time I return, I would be totally fine with Kuoda creating my entire experience for me! Just kidding. But I really feel like no one knows luxury, yet very authentic and real, experiences in South America like Kuoda does. I can’t recommend them enough. It was just such an incredible ten days.

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