Hi Victoria, We had a fabulous experience traveling with Kuoda! As I said to you in person, right from the beginning I enjoyed our correspondence. You really listened to all of trip desires and catered to our interests. I wish I was back at the Quinoa Boutique hotel right now!! It was absolutely delightful to meet you in person–and David and I were touched that you took the time to come by and say hello. Your warmth and positive energy made us feel so comfortable and “at home”. Jimmy and Hernan were the best people to travel with along the Sacred Valley. Jimmy’s passion for the country and historical knowledge made him the perfect guide. And, Hernan’s happy, calm demeanor made us feel very secure. We all became friends by the end of the trip.

Machu Picchu of course was majestic and spiritual. It was better than I anticipated. It is the perfect marriage of natural environment and man-made structure. I have travelled all over the world, and Machu Picchu is among the top most amazing things I have ever seen.

Cusco was the perfect place to “unwind”. We loved staying at Quinoa because it felt like our own apartment. You also structured the trip perfectly. After eating dinner out 4 nights in the Sacred Valley, it was so wonderful to then be able to relax in “our own place”. We took advantage of the food basket in the kitchen and ate in “3 of the 4 nights”. It was so wonderful to stare at the beautiful Cusco lights at night.

Peru is a most wonderful country with warm people. You are welcome to post any of my comments on your website.

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