I am an American Travel Agent and Tour Operator for ski travel. When I went to Peru with friends and family, realizing that this was not my expertise, I booked with Kuoda – because it is their expertise! I had heard of Kuoda through a friend who traveled with them and recommended them. Each hotel was carefully chosen based on our desires and each one was exceptional, our van was spotless and comfortable and our driver was wonderful, and our personal guides were incredible. We never would have learned as much about the history and culture without the personal guides. They made travel simple and removed all the stress and worry, picking us up every morning and taking us to so many wonderful places, and teaching us so much about the places we were seeing. We traveled at ease knowing that every detail and every possible problem would be handled, and it was. I cannot say enough about Kuoda – they excel at what they do. After our 10 day trip with Kuoda, we stayed in Lima for a week visiting family. The stress we felt immediately upon landing in Lima and having to get a taxi to our hotel was so nerve racking (many different taxi companies bombarded us with conflicting directions and large differences in costs), that we kept on saying “we should have had Kuoda handle this for us too!” Having traveled extensively my whole life, and being in the travel business, I am comfortable traveling on my own, but for this trip I am very happy that I used Kuoda, as it was the least stressful trip of my life.

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