This agency took all the stress out of our multisite trip in the Andes. From beginning to end the personnel of Kuoda Travel were attentive, conscientious, thoughtful, and pleasant. They made sure there were absolutely no glitches! The driver, Augusto, was skilled, gentle, and polite.

What really made the biggest difference, though, was our guide, Carlos, who was extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his subject without being shrill (we are allergic to shrill, overexcited guides) and a gentle, good companion during the trip. He was intellectually curious and so interested in us, but never intrusive. We learned a great deal from him about this amazing ancient civilization, but we also had conversations in which he responded to our reactions with appreciation and thoughtfulness, so we really co-created an exceptional experience together. Kudos Travel and Carlos really gave us the most interesting and enjoyable vacation we can remember.