Our family which includes three children ages 10, 8 and 7 used Kuoda for our trip to Peru (June 2014). They were an amazing company to work with. They tailored our tour to make sure the children were not bored. Tours included Lima, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley. I wish we had used them at Machu Picchu as well. The vans and drivers they use are top notch. The tour guides were excellent, interesting and knowledgeable. Additionally they planned activities that not everyone gets to do. For example, our children had the opportunity to meet with school children in a village in the Sacred Valley and they also got to play soccer with them. They found great restaurants for us and were so helpful in adjusting any last minute changes we had. I highly recommend them and only wish they were in Ecuador so they could have been our tour company there!

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Urb. Marcavalle N-25, Cusco - Peru
113 Baldwin Blvd. Lake Worth, FL 33463