We had a wonderful time in Peru…thanks to you and your team’s assistance!

As constructive feedback, just a few words on each Kuoda person who we met (I hope I am also speaking accurately for Barbie as well):

Renalto / Lima.  Very nice, didn’t seem to bother him that we had to wait an additional hour to receive our luggage.  He was also a great help getting us to and through the Lima airport the next morning.

Jason / Cusco  Pleasant but didn’t seem to click socially (per our discussion)

Juan Driver / Cusco.  Wonderful, charming smile each morning!  Great driver.  Glad he could join us at our lunch in Moray.

Ophelia / Cusco  Not enough words to express how wonderful she is.  She accommodated us at every moment and didn’t seem to mind answering all of  our questions.  She is funny, smart, and articulate.  You are fortunate to have her on your team!

Thank you to Mery for meeting us at the airport to say hello and introduce herself.

Ruben Guide / Puno, Titicaca.  Ruben was also an excellent guide.  He took good care of us and he was also articulate and adept in the history of Puno and Tiquile.  He gave us options whenever possible as it pertained to our physical ability, altitude sickness, or dining choice.  We really enjoyed the two days we were with Ruben.  He really made the two days in Puno special.

Lorenzo Driver / Puno  Too aggressive for my taste (Ruben had to tell him “cuidado” a few times).  However, I realize that is a tough area to navigate especially on a Sunday when the market is open.

Cesar Driver / Lima  Good driver

Erica Guide / Lima  Did a great job guiding us around Lima.  We encountered one hiccup in our schedule and she handled it quickly and efficiently.

All in all, everyone was very professional and we would not hesitate to steer our traveling friends to Kuoda.

On another note Charlotte, it was a pleasure meeting you and we enjoyed dinner together.  You are such a personable and outgoing young lady and we know you have good things ahead.  I also wanted to tell you that had we known what the Homestay on Amantani in Lake Titicaca was all about (now that we know) we would take part in it if given the chance.  It seems daunting when described on paper but it is very doable…you should definitely go for it!!


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