Thank you so much for putting together our trip. It was wonderful and we enjoyed everything that we had been planned.

So, our time in Quito was terrific. La Rabida was a very nice and comfortable place to stay. Gonzalo was an excellent guide– we really enjoyed him and he was perfect for kids teens and grow ups.

We very much liked the Hacienda Porvenir— very nice riding– and we had perfect weather that day too. Even thought that first day was busy and full–we were able to see everything we wanted with the evening left to relax.

We were very happy with the Coral for the Galapagos– we had terrific guides and the boat was very nice. We wished we had had more time there since the first and last days were just travel days—-those 2 days were very good days of seeing many things–

My husband loved the Amazon the best– and we all enjoyed the motorboat and dugout boat we took to get to Nano. Our guide Lena was just fantastic– she was the perfect combination of enthusiastic/knowledgeable. She taught us a lot about the jungle and we saw a great deal of wildlife. We even enjoyed birding!

Papallacta was the perfect way to end our time there– I wish the weather had been cooperative to see how beautiful it was there– but it mostly rained. It was still a very good place to go to spend our last day.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you again for your help

Take care–


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