I wish I could repeat the trip over and over again. Kuoda made my family’s dreams come true. The trip Marina Erte organized for us was the most spectacular vacation we have ever experienced in our lifetimes. We will never forget our time in Perú.

Marina crafted an itinerary that enabled my family to experience as much of Perú’s beauty as we could in 10 days. Every single hotel that Marina chose was spectacular. The service was world-class. The food and and decor were excellent.

We never had to deal with paperwork about ticketing, etc. We just followed the lead of our Kuoda hosts and guided, and everything ran smoothly.

Our hosts in Lima and Cusco were excellent conversationalists who ensured that we were checked into our hotels. We practiced our Spanish with our hosts in our car rides, and it felt as if we were long-lost friends. César, our host in Lima, kindly assisted us in ordering at the Chiffa restaurant. Spending time with Hans reminded me of hanging out with a close friend.

After we returned from an Amazon river cruise that Marina set up for us, we met our guide, Eloy, who would spend four days with us going from Cusco to Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo and back to Cusco. Eloy went above and beyond what was required. He took care to ensure that all four family members were happy throughout the trip, even holding the hand of a family member who was struggling with the altitude (photo attached!) Eloy’s passion about Peruvian culture enabled him to be a compelling guide. Kudos to Kuoda in choosing such an excellent guide!

Our customer service manager, Alex, did a superb job of effortlessly adjusting our itinerary on the last day per our request. His assurance that our driver was “at our disposal” made my family feel at ease and always in control.

In summary, the trip Marina planned exceeded our expectations in every way. Kuoda outperformed in every metric (e.g., overall itinerary, logistics, hotel and guide selection). I would recommend Kuoda to anyone in a heartbeat.

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