The only problem with our trip to Peru was that it was too short! We didn’t want to leave! It’s really difficult to identify the highlights, as there was so much that we enjoyed (pretty much every minute of the trip). I would say that we particularly enjoyed some of the “small things”. Sitting in the church square at Tipon having our box lunch, strolling around the town of Andahuaylillas. We are they type of people that really enjoy the “off the beaten track” experiences, and I think you will find that many others that want a customized trip also really enjoy those respites from the tourist crowd.

Of course, Karina needs to be commended both for her excitement in her guiding, as well as the personal attention she gave to Mary, who wasn’t quite as mobile as us. And Marcos was always early, making our days full and without a hitch. Special thanks to Thomas, who really coordinated the whole trip and was very responsive to both my inquiries and adjustments. Getting met in Lima (even though we weren’t spending time there) was a very good thing, as it gave us the assurances that everything was going to be “just fine.”

Your company did an amazingly great job of making the time seamless and without a hitch. All of the transfers went like clockwork. Also, you get HUGE points for our prepaid lunches being some of the best meals we had (Cusco, the place near Moray, Urubamba, the box lunches). Many other tourist agencies would just try to make money on these items; you made them part of the experience. That is very important and shows that you are trying to deliver quality, quality, quality.


  • Since Naomi and I have already been to Amazonia (Napo in Ecuador); this is what I would call “Amazonia Light.” Fantastic food and good accommodations (a little crowded). The excursions are OK, because they don’t really have much to work with in that area. Your guests should be presented with options for Amazonia (hard core, luxury, etc, depending on what type of experience they want). For us, it was perfect, because Mary has never been and we couldn’t do hard core with her; others may want something that is more challenging with more opportunities for wildlife.
  • Inkaterra (Machu Picchu). Fantastic. Would have thought about doing 2 nights there (first day, just going to hotel; second day doing Machu Picchu very early; then leaving the third day), so can climb Wayno Picchu (which I did, but would have preferred collapsing at the hotel!)
  • Palacio Nazarenas. Five nights was perfect. Really let us get to know Cusco and get the visit to Tipon and Andahuaylillas. A great hotel. We only ate there the first evening for convenience. Extremely expensive dinners (poor value, no ambience). With all of the great restaurants in Cusco, you would be best to have all of those recommendation (and possibly reservations) for dinners outside the hotel ready for your clients. We ate at MAP (incredibly great but incredibly expensive), Limo (lunch, and dinner; solid), Chiccolini (dinner; the best we had by far) and the Grill (lunch care of you, and dinner; solid).

You have our highest recommendations and we will spread the word to anyone interested in visiting Peru. Best,