We recently completed our Peru visit with Kuoda travel and while I had done my research and a broad plan of where to go and how many days, I still needed to book hotels, organize travels etc and that’s when I contacted Kuoda.

We had a memorable visit with experienced guides, stayed in boutique hotels with character and enjoyed unique experiences (Pachamanka meal in Ollayamtambe) and a lovely lunch at a private house in Maras.

Travel agents including Kuoda will send you a standard package and iterinary but if you do your homework, you should have a strong view on what your choices would be.

Kuoda is an upmarket travel agent I would venture – they can provide you experiences which will be a bit more expensive but memorable and unique in my view. Our guides were not only experienced but also passionate and really knowledgeable which helped to make it a conversation. And with all the driving in the Sacred valley, it was really good to have a high quality driver of our vehicle.