Wow – my husband and I returned home last night from another vacation in Peru. A few years ago we discovered Kuoda who organized the most amazing journey for us throughout Peru. Have to say it did not stop there we have returned to Peru every year since ( 6 times). In the process we have learned a little Spanish and become more familiar with doing some things on our own but we always look to Kuoda for the special touches. Once again we enjoyed a few splurge days at Sol y Luna where we never tire of the beautiful gardens. Also discovered a new restaurant for us in Cusco called Greens. We actually enjoyed organic greens here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This time our Kuoda friends involved us in some of the philanthropic work they do for outlying villages where few tourists ever visit. As a person who knits and spins Kuoda helped me satisfy my desire to connect to the fiber related activities in local communities. Sometimes after all our trips to Peru I get to thinking we have seen it all but this time we were introduced to an amazing old Hacienda (Huayoccari) in the Sacred Valley that is still inhabited by the descendant of the owners . This is a place that is a living museum full or amazing art and an extensive display of ancient artifacts and treasure from Inca period and before. Here we had a gourmet lunch complete toasts of good wine. And just when I thought there was not a new store for me to discover for shopping treasures I found a jewelry store on San Blas (Esma) that had some unique jewelry made from silver and fiber. Ah fiber and silver for me a perfect combination. For my husband and I Kuoda is not only a fantastic travel company – it is an ongoing experience in our travel lives.

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