Shaman was fabulously authentic.. fabulous lifetime memorable experience… seared into the soul… just great..

helaine thankfully rebounded fully for our last day in Lima. Bartholomew addressed our interest in a quick city tour and that was great..

Hotel was beyond amazing… if you can get me the name/email of the general manger of the Lima Belmond. They allowed us to stay till 6 so generous..

The transfer from lima airport to hotel to fancy restaurant was super-duper rushed. Didn’t realize the timing… that wasn’t so great.

We should have made a later time to eat or an earlier flight (but we needed the time in Cuzco).. but it all worked out but was stressful…FYI if someone else wants to do what we did…

We cancelled IK for Sat night.. at 730 not enough time to do a tasting and then make the flight..but that was fine…too much food and money.  Ate at Rosario or something great on the water sunset memorable.

Dimas was amazing as was Jaime.. We feel so fortunate.. we loved them.. And Dimas did take some pictures of us with the shaman and said he would send them to you and our would send to us?

Great to meet Mary on Friday and love the frame.. Very generous and considerate.

Can’t recommend you enough.. Will remind the family to get on TripAdvisor and give you a gold star rating.

it was fabulous. Thank you Jenny for all.. and so many blessings in your next steps.. You have a sweet loving tender genuine heart.. I know you will serve well in whatever direction you go.

Much gratitude love and blessings sending to you…

Shoshana Susan Mitrani KNapp

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