First, Kuoda was extremely responsive. They replied to all of my emails in the organizational phase of our trip within hours. Their responses not only answered by questions directly, but also added a lot of helpful information and suggestions. This continued while we were enroute and while we were in Peru.

Second, their guides and trip planners are first rate. My son, daughter and I agreed at the end of our trip that there had not been a minute wasted and that we had absolutely maximized the use of the relatively short time we had in Peru. Our trip truly was customized to our interests and schedules.

Third, and most importantly, Kuoda specializes in “personalized” trips for couples, families and small groups. I do not consider myself to be a seasoned traveler, but I have been overseas several times and I’m not naive about the ways of commerce. I know there is tremendous competition among the many tour guides operating in Peru and that all of them tout “personal” service. All I can say is that “personal” for Kuoda really means personal. I felt like I was dealing with friends more than people I’d hired to show us around.

I couldn’t recommend Kuoda more highly.

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