First of all we want to thank you SOOO much for the amazing dinner at Cicciolina…it was beyond our expectations. I tried cuy for the first time…had it as an appetizer in a confit served over a yellow mash of potatoes. DELICIOUS!!. We all agreed the rest of the dinner was equally wonderful. Next, we want to thank you for upgrading our rooms here in Puno. They are beautiful and HUGE and the service is lovely. What a treat!! Our guide here, Jose, is a doll and we have enjoyed him so much. It’s really a plus that you hire guides that have grown up in the area where they are guiding…it makes the trip seem even more personal.

Mery, you are running a first-rate organization – a best travel agency. We loved the lunch experience today at the little family run restaurant on Taquile. There was a larger group there as well, but Jose asked them to seat us in the family’s courtyard area…so it was our own little private dining room on the shores of the magnificent lake, with the children playing at our feet. It was another “It doesn’t get any better than this” moment…of which we have had more than we can count on this trip.

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