Just returned from a week in Peru (Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco) with my mom and sister. Travel with Kuoda’s team was wonderful in every way! I didn’t have the time to review/plan the itinerary but I don’t like to be in a large tour group where everything is set for you. Thankfully I found Kuoda Travel because they were amazing in planning and executing the travel plan for the 3 of us and everyone with Kuoda was pleasant to work with resulting in an amazing travel experience!

Tom Carroll helped us plan the trip to make sure it met what we wanted to experience and he had excellent suggestions when I wasn’t sure where to begin or how to choose between options. He answered all questions with in depth knowledge and was timely in responses. When a hotel was booked by the time we finalized the itinerary, he found an excellent substitute.

Upon arrival and throughout the trip, communication was excellent among Kuoda team members (Alex, Ofelia and Orlando) and they took excellent care to make sure things went smoothly and we were able to focus on enjoying our time in Peru. Our tour guide, Ofelia, was very knowledgeable in the history and culture of Inca and Peru, which really brought the sights to life. She also helped us know where the best places were to purchase souvenirs along the way. Orlando, our driver, didn’t speak much English but interacted very well when Ofelia was there to translate or I tried to speak Spanish. Traffic in/around Cusco can be challenging but he did a great job.

Alex was very helpful and available 24/7! He helped us know what action to take when mom got altitude sickness and wanted updates to make sure she was recovering well. He took care of an issue with our room at one of the hotels immediately upon us contacting him. He also met us several times in Cusco to ensure our transfers went smoothly.

I could go on and on about all the wonderful experiences with the Kuoda Travel team during our week. Hopefully I can visit another location Kuoda covers so I can work with them again and know I’ll have another amazing experience!


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