The trip was amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Kuoda. I will leave you guys a great Trip advisor review.

The only thing I would maybe mention, but I really didn’t give you enough time in Lima, would be that the tour (although great) in Lima went until we got done for lunch at 1:30. The lunch at the Huaca was one of the best meals we had in Lima and still my son’s favorite. We were met at 4:30 for the culinary class and they were trying to feed us at 4:45! I literally could not eat a bit I was so full from the Huaca restaurant. So we either should have had lunch earlier of the culinary class later as there was no way I could enjoy any of the items we learned to make at the class. Although the gentlemen who runs the front desk at that hotel where the class was held was wonderful! He showed us around his hotel and told us about his days as a child running around when those hotels were actually houses. We loved him!

The Hotel B was wonderful and such a quaint hotel with a beautiful place to enjoy a great breakfast. I guess the earthquake was an extra bonus you threw in! LOL

The Aranwa in Cusco was our favorite place and felt like home after the 3rd visit. We got the same room all three times and it was soooo spacious and again, 5 star meals and service. We loved it and would highly recommend.

I would highly recommend the trek with Mountain Lodges. We saw things that no other tourists we spoke to in our travels got to see. Remote villages and a lot of culture and history. Our guide was passionate about Peru and very knowledgeable.

The Skylodge was the best part of my son’s trip. Me? Not so much. But it was for him anyway. Expensive but a once in a lifetime, thing to do.

Best part of the trip for me? The food tour with Corinne. Wish we would have done that the first day in Cusco so we would have known the best spots in Cusco to get food. But really everything we ate was delicious.

Train was phenomenal. It is more about the experience and the food. Not the places you stop along the way. Which are not that interesting and very minimal. But since we were exhausted from 8 days of a lot of physical activities, it was just what we needed. The service and the food were just “Perfect”!

Anyway, all the guides and driver’s were great with Kuoda and I could not recommend you all more highly. No worries about the change ups the day of the strike. That can’t be helped. I think Eduardo and I had some miscommunication due to language and text that day. He text me at 12:07 and said the driver was at our hotel waiting. I responded that we were there and did not see him and had been waiting there since 11:30. He responded that it was only 12:07. I thought he was assuming we had not been there on time, but I think he thought I meant we were actually thinking we got picked up at 11:30 when I said we had been waiting there for 30 minutes. Anyway, I think we got it figured out. If you even need imput on any of the things we did, I would be happy to share any info.

The food in Peru is off the hook! Best trip ever!

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