So very nice to meet up with you in Cusco and your two mugs have pride of place on our shelf. You should be very proud of your company, the attention to detail was amazing. Nothing went wrong (can I just ask though, how long should the tour of Lima take?). Jesus deserves a special mention, he was so patient when for various reasons we had to alter things, delay departures etc. and he was so helpfull when we had queries. A top man. If I’m right in assuming Kuoda haven’t done so many tours up in the north we thought things were worked out very well. It’s obviously not an easy place to tour and the guide and driver we had (Pedro and Mercedes) did exceedingly well under the circumstances as there was often very long road journeys during which they could not stop partly because to be frank there wasn’t much to stop for but also because the condition of the roads made stopping risky. They both went out of their way to keep the journey interesting and it shows what good guides they were to be able to make a ten hour road trip interesting and most importantly fun. Any guide can make Cusco/Maccu Piccu etc interesting not many can do so when faced with 3 road trips of between 8 and 10hrs each. If it was a bit of an experiment for Kuoda you should put Mercedes and Pedro’s names at the top of your list for future use. Pedro seems to know everyone in Peru and used his contacts all the time. Mercedes very kindly made a CD of photos she’d taken while with us and presented it to us which was a very nice thing to do.

Ofelia in Cusco with Marco the driver were also brilliant. Ofelia heard us discuss things we’d like to do and suggested changes to the itinerary which led to what was the very highlight of our whole month when she took us to the ceremony for St. Jerome. That day was simply amazing and they knew exactly how to get us to an excellent position in order to get the best out of the experience. Violetta (Puno/Sun Island/ etc) was yet another top notch guide, lovely sense of humour and so very helpfull as was her trainee Ximena. All guides were very knowledgeable on every subject and we’re very glad we used them because we would have missed so much without them. Tell Alex thanks very much for his help and his checking up on us (is he still at school? he looks like he is.). Henry (Taquille Island etc) was such a funny bloke, he made us very much at ease all the time and really enjoyed his job.

So, our trip is over. Peru is an extremely nice friendly country to tour. We never once felt in danger or uncomfortable.

With people like those we encountered working for Kuoda your company can’t go wrong. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. We’ll be back and also some of our family want to do Peru you can rest assured we will have recommended you very highly and will also do so on TripAdvisor.

Steve and Lynn Cooper

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