We are sorry we’ve taken so long replying to them as we got home and then went away and now back home again. We seem to be on the go the whole time. When we retired 18 months ago one of our patients said to us, keep moving, when the grim reaper comes looking for you he won’t know where to find you. We seem to have taken him literally. 🙂

It seems such a long time ago since we were in Peru. It all seems a distant memory and a dream.

Truly a dream. All the arrangements made by Kuoda were excellent. After the first slight hiccup everything else was perfect. We can’t find anything to complain about. All the arrangements went off extremely well, we were picked up dropped off and then picked up dropped off etc etc.

Thank you so much.


The journey to Machu Picchu was most enjoyable, especially the train journey.  The staff and the General Manager were very efficient and friendly. Once we got to the site we were met by a wonderful guide (George) who was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and fun. Barry arrived to Cusco with a bad chest which turned into bronchitis. So when we got to Machu Picchu, Barry’s lung capacity was greatly reduced. We got to the site; we didn’t think we would be able to the climb and the walk around. We did how ever have foresight to bring with us walking poles. They were a godsend as we able to walk the whole site. The guide was very understanding so he was a great help in taking things at our pace. He also took a camera from us and took great photos of the both of us, which is unusual as Barry is always behind the camera.

We had the same driver throughout our stay in Cusco who was excellent as he was always there on time. He had a very long day when we went to Machu Picchu as he drove us to the Hiram Bingham train and when we arrived back there he was on the platform waiting for us. Great service. Great guy.

We loved all that you did for us. We greatly appreciated all your help. Thank you to all the team.

Love and best wishes to you all.

Randir and Barry


The teddy bear belongs to a school in Fort Lauderdale.  We take him all over the world and send back photos of him to the school.  The teacher then teaches the kids about each place.

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