I have traveled a fair amount to foreign countries using travel companies to plan private tours for my husband and myself. Kuoda was absolutely Top Notch in planning our 3 weeks in Peru. Kuoda planned our trip around our wishes and added extras i had not thought of. Guides, services and accommodations were all amazing!

Every step of the way we were taken care of by a driver and an English speaking guide. We were never left to struggle on our own and we felt extremely safe. On our free time we were given recommendations of what to do and where to eat. All of our guides were extremely knowledgeable and provided so much information about the history, customs and people of Peru.

From Lima to Amazon Manu Jungle, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Mancora Beaches our trip was fabulous thanks to Kuoda. I only wish I had used them for our 3 weeks in Ecuador as that trip turned out to be not so good.

I highly recommend this company to anyone traveling to Peru, you will have no regrets!

Thank you Mery for developing a wonderful company with such personalized service.

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