Kuoda did a wonderful job of ensuring that everything went smoothly. The highlights for the boys were the tree climb in the rainforest (all 4 of us made it to the top!) and seeing Machu Picchu. The kayaking was also a big hit! Our rainforest guide, Berly, was terrific with the kids and the lodge was fantastic. On our last night we filled out the evaluation and my 8-yr-old wrote in that he liked the pancakes. The next morning at breakfast, Berly presented the boys with pancakes made especially for them!

At Machu Picchu, our guide Pilar was great and had answers to every question! So much better than following around a group of 20 and trying to hear your guide! We really enjoyed the second day at Machu Picchu. We went up early (but not 4am!) and hiked up to the Sun Gate where we were able to hang out and soak in the spectacular scenery.

In Cuzco, some of the sites on our agenda (Koricancha & the cathedral) were closed when we were there since it was Holy Friday. We felt like we saw plenty, but it’s probably something to be aware of for tours in future years. We did get to see Holy Week processions in Cuzco and in some other little towns in the Sacred Valley. In Lima, the day room and the 4-hr tour were perfect. We were surprised at how much we enjoyed seeing the conquistador’s home – it made the boys study of Pizarro in school seem a lot more real. Thank you for everything!

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