We had an amazing time in Peru! We were very happy that we choose Kuoda and would/ will recommend Kuoda to anyone who plans to travel to Peru.

We gave feedback to both Edgar and Merry, but wanted to share with you too. We chose Kuoda because of good reviews online and because you were great to work with. We had emailed a couple different travel companies. You were always so quick to get back with us. We felt that if you were going to take such good care of us before we even committed to the travel, that you and Kuoda would continue to take care of us while traveling (which you totally did).

We were blown away by the culinary tour with Penelope! That was an amazing experience and we would highly recommend to others. We felt that the staff at the hotel in Paracas was maybe not as nice as they could have been. There was a language barrier there, the food wasn’t very good and they never had any change (not just for large bills, but even if we only needed two soles back in change they didn’t have it). I know that you had recommended the Double Tree there and we probably should have spent the extra money to go there. I’m not sure if you had heard that I had received counterfeit Soles from the bank here in the states… well I didn’t know they were counterfeit and tried to use them at the hotel… so that could be some of the reason why we felt that the staff weren’t very friendly.

All of the other hotels that we stayed at were wonderful. We especially enjoyed our stay at Casa Andina. We have never stayed at such a beautiful hotel before. The time we spent in the Andes was our favorite! Jose Carlos was an amazing guide/ teacher. He was very patient with us, with all of our questions and with our struggles on the one day hike to Machu Picchu. We all knew what we were getting into with that hike (although we didn’t realize how many stairs there were), but we would say that the description on the itinerary could use some updating. It was much more grueling than just walking ‘a lovely uphill path’. 

If we did the trip over again, we would have listened to your advice and spent more time in Cusco.

We always felt safe on the trip and our guides and drivers kept us well informed of the next day’s itinerary and meeting times. It was a pleasure meeting Merry at the airport and the picture frames are absolutely beautiful… now we just have to narrow down what photo out of seriously thousands of photos we want to display.

Thanks again for all of your help with planning an amazing vacation for us. We had a great time and appreciate your hard work and all of the friendly guides and drivers that we met along the way!

Sheri & Friends

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