Thanks in large measure to Kuoda Travel. The schedule you put together was perfect.

We had enough time in Machu Picchu to have a really good exploration of the site as well as to do all the main walks out of there – to the Sun Gate, the Inca Bridge and up the small mountain behind. Having lunch up there meant we could enjoy the afternoons when the crowds were much smaller.

The days spent in the Sacred Valley made a great start to the holiday. As well as visiting various Inca sites, we also very much enjoyed the side trips – to the weaving village, the lunch with the artist and his wife, the visit to the alpaca/llama farm.

As well as seeing the tourist sites, we felt that (thanks to we also got a taste of the real Peru. Eduardo Castro is a great guide – knows the sites very well, friendly, excellent English, ready to talk about all sorts of interesting things and flexible – where we wanted to change the schedule slightly or linger longer in a special place. I am recommending Kuoda Travel to colleagues in Rio and you can expect some follow-up from here next year.

Greta and I hope that at some stage we can also return to Peru. We were really taken by the country, the people (so friendly) and by the efficient way they have organized their tourism.

Best regards,

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