When we were planning our trip to Peru with our four kids, we really wanted to see as much of the Country as possible, get up and close with the people and the culture and see as many of the incredible sites that Peru has to offer that we could. Kuoda gave us that, and so much more. From the first stages of planning and finding out what was really important to us as a family to the final day of our journey, we were in the BEST hands with Mery and the wonderful people that work for Kuoda. All the travel arrangements (accomodations, many meals, flights, bus tickets, train tickets, and guides) were flawlessly put together to weave the most amazing adventure for our family. And speaking of the guides (Jorge, Hector, Herbert and Ivan) were superb-knowledgeable, helpful and personable–you could ask them anything. And they really enjoyed sharing their traditions and life with us. Our kids were very comfortable throughout the trip and never tired of the stories and information provided by our wonderful guides. And if any activity seemed like it might be too much for the kids at the given time, we switched it up and did something better suited to the present situation (and I can admit our guides were usually more aware then we were when the kids had hit their limit!) We also had flexibility within our daily travel plans. If we wanted to stay a little longer at a site or have a little more free time as a family at any given location, they supported and facilitated our wishes. The accommodations were wonderful–from the Amazon to the home-stay on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca–and everywhere in between–we couldn’t have been happier. We were always met at airports, bus stations, train stations by the friendly faces of Kuoda–a really wonderful thing when traveling with four young children–and lots and lots of water (So nice)!! We also liked that Kuoda gives back in a sustainable fashion to communities in Peru. It was nice to know that, when we were there, money from our visit to the village of Umasbamaba would be going to help construct a pharmacy there. Our children talk about our trip to Peru to this day in great detail. Peru, and Kuoda, left quite an impression on us all! We were treated like family and can not recommend Kuoda enough.

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