We booked a week-long tour with Kuoda to visit both Lima and the Sacred Valley. Our contact, Urpi, worked with us to build a plan that gave us an overview of the history, ruins, food, and hospitality of the area. We hit every major spot, including Machu Picchu of course, and stayed at some lovely hotels. We had a tour guide and driver who accompanied us throughout the week.

Our guide was wonderful, so passionate about the history and culture of the area. Extra touches included lunch at a hidden B&B, private city tours in both Lima and Cusco, and a personalized gift (for my birthday). Kuoda was always accessible in case of problems (like our 18.5 hour delayed flight) and they were able to get us rebooked and rearranged as needed. I can’t say enough good things about the tour company and their employees. We have used multiple different local companies in the past when we traveled and certainly Kuoda stands above the rest. Highly recommend!


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